Shadows at the Door: The Podcast

S1E07 - Number 13

February 1, 2019

Episode Seven of Shadows at the Door: The Podcast

Finally, an adaptation of a pleasing terror from the father of the modern ghost story: M.R. James.

In ‘Number 13’ a travelling academic checks into his hotel and is amused at superstition of hotels not having a Room 13. Yet despite the manager’s insistence, there is a number 13 and something is inside…

After the production, join Mark and David to learn more about M.R. James and also the horrors of having to sing when the script demands it!

Written by M.R. James

Adapted by Mark Nixon

Performances by David Ault

Music by Nico Vettesse

Editing by Mark Nixon

Intro (00:00:45)
Story (00:02:24)
Discussion (00:26:43)
Credits (00:54:30)

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