Shadows at the Door: The Podcast

S1E06 - Pit Village

January 25, 2019

A young social worker moves into his first home. He finds that village life is small and quiet, and the neighbours are incredibly nosey, and what are they hiding exactly?

Please see the end of the show notes for content warnings. Note, these may contain spoilers.

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Written by Mark Nixon

Produced with Sound Design, Editing, and Directing by Mark Nixon

Musical Score Written and Performed by Nico Vettese


David Ault

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Approximate Time Stamps: Intro (Around 00:01:00), Story (Around 00:02:00), Discussion (Around 00:24:00), Credits (Around 01:00:00)

Content Warnings:

Story: homophobia, cults/cultlike behaviour. Discussion: discussion of media representation including homophobia and misogyny, fridging, mention of child abuse.

©2022 Shadows at the Door Publishing. All rights reserved. The copyright for the story is held by the respective author.

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