Shadows at the Door: The Podcast

S2E02 - Slender Chances

July 3, 2020

Season Two, Episode Two of Shadows at the Door: The Podcast

In 'Slender Chances' we listen to the final episode of the 8-Bit Refit podcast, a bizarre and half-finished episode in which hosts Tom and Nat discover an old game that should not exist...

After the production join host Mark Nixon and David Ault for a spirited discussion of the story and a collection of tangents with subjects including Slender Man, Horror Gaming and dipping your toes into voice acting.

Written by Mark Nixon

Performances by David Ault, Ilana Charnelle & Jake Benson

Music by Nico Vetesse

Production by Mark Nixon

©2018-2020 Shadows at the Door Publishing

Disclaimer & Intro (00:00:00)
Story (00:02:05)
Discussion (00:48:47)
Credits (01:17:27)

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