Shadows at the Door: The Podcast

S2E04 - Message in a Bottle

July 31, 2020

In 'Message in a Bottle' a couple find a grimy old bottle washed up by the tide. But what's inside? Why is one of them so obsessed with finding out? And what will happen when he does? 
After the production hosts Mark Nixon and David Ault welcome special guest Gemma Amor for a spirited discussion of the story and a collection of tangents with subjects including how David would kill potential rivals, how Romans dealt with petty squabbles and listeners can even witness a mutiny unfold...

Written by Gemma Amor 

Performances by David Ault

Music by Nico Vetesse
Tracks 'Out of This' and 'Play Nice' kindly provided by Ilana Charnelle, you can enjoy these tracks and more of her amazing music here.

Production by Mark Nixon

©2018-2020 Shadows at the Door Publishing

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Story (00:02:01)
Discussion (00:26:08)
Credits (00:59:31)

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