Shadows at the Door: The Podcast

S2E07 - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

September 11, 2020

In 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' a schoolmaster's simple life is disrupted when he meets the most fearsome of creatures: a woman. 

After the production join host Mark Nixon and David Ault for a discussion of this classic story plus a collection of tangents with subjects including how Batman could better serve the community, 'Jake on Apple action' and whether the FBI has been hiding revolutionary surgery from the public. Also, why is David singing? 

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Written by Washington Irving and adapted by Mark Nixon

Performances by Jake Benson, Mark Nixon, Ilana Charnelle Gelbart & David Ault

Musical Score by Nico Vetesse

‘Maid in the Meadow’ performed by Yvonne Casey and used here with her kind permission. 

Production by Mark Nixon

©2018-2020 Shadows at the Door Publishing

Intro (00:00:00)
Story (00:02:35)
Discussion (00:51:05)
Credits (01:30:19)

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